This article was taken from our whitepaper: Live Chat: How to Activate your Employer Brand, to read more, download the full whitepaper here.

As organizations compete to attract and retain top talent, building a strong employer brand and designing a powerful end-to-end candidate experience has never been more important.

An employer brand, to put it simply, describes an employer’s reputation and attractiveness as a place to work.

But it’s much more than just shiny office perks and flashy benefits; an employer brand is an evolving value proposition that impacts how employees and candidates feel about an organization across multiple touchpoints.

Every moment and interaction, from digital discovery to physical assessments, become part of this larger market perception, one that influences how an organization appeals to top talent.

This is what we call the candidate experience.

In 2019, 90% of jobseekers say a positive or negative candidate experience will change their mind about a role or company

With increased transparency and shifting demands, today’s candidates seek seamless and intuitive experiences that mirror those in the consumer world.

New technology, the rise of smartphones and social media has changed the rules of engagement.

In response, companies must leverage new digital tools and tactics to meet candidates in the way they expect you to show up.

At Meet & Engage, we offer a suite of candidate experience technology that helps multinational organizations around the world bring employer branding to life.

With one of our most popular features, Live Chat, it’s now possible for employees to tell your organization’s story for you, so you can get closer to your ideal candidates.

Whether it’s building personal relationships or answering candidate questions in a live setting, Live Chat combines the efficiency and convenience of digital technology with the intimacy and personality of a peer-to-peer conversation.

In a world where candidates trust a company’s employees 3x more than the company to provide credible information on what it’s like to work there, activating your employer brand using innovative technology is a no brainer.

The truth is unequivocal: to win the war for talent, organizations must deliver on the needs, values and expectations of today’s candidates.

With Live Chat, you can harness the power of your employees, bring your employer brand to life and engage with multiple candidate audiences on a personal level.

To read more, download the full whitepaper here.



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