Designed and created by recruitment industry experts, our candidate experience chatbots will help strengthen your relationship with candidates online, at each stage of the recruitment journey.

The beauty of using chatbots is that they can talk to candidates when you can’t, delivering consistent, on-brand support and guidance, 24/7. We offer four candidate experience chatbots, each tailored to deal with a different stage of the recruitment process.


A chatbot is only as good as the information you supply – that’s where our recruitment know-how comes in. We can work with you to program your bot so that it follows even the most complex of recruitment processes. Or you can use our intuitive drag-and-drop interface to tailor tasks and tweak responses. Either way, you’ll soon have a candidate experience chatbot that’s well briefed, on brand and provides candidate experience feedback in real-time.


Careers Site Bot

Help candidates find their ideal role and share information, in an engaging way

  • Add to key pages of your careers site
  • Share information and role requirements in an engaging way that's tailored to your brand
  • Recruiters can view real-time candidate experience data
  • Available 24/7 - option to switch to live 121 chat if there's a recruiter free

Apply FAQ Bot

Support candidates during the apply process and minimise drop-out

  • Sits in your ATS 24/7 helping candidates when you can’t
  • Nurture your candidates and help them navigate the application process
  • Option to switch to live 121 chat when there’s a recruiter available
  • Real-time candidate experience data available to recruiters

Screening Bot

Replace part of your screening process and deliver a faster, more consistent candidate experience

  • Automatically send your Screening Bot to candidates as soon as they complete an online application
  • Keep the assessment process moving forward, outside office hours
  • Inject data into your ATS to move candidates to the next stage of the process
  • Give time back to recruiters to add value

Keep Warm Bot

Serve candidates with proactive status updates and help them to understand the recruitment process.

  • Sits in your ATS to support and nurture your candidates
  • Available 24/7 – it’s online when you’re not
  • Real-time candidate experience data available to recruiters
  • Option to switch to live 1-2-1 chat when there’s a recruiter available