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Positive candidate experience is an obvious win-win. There’s a cost to poor experience (think renege rates) and a value to great experience (brand advocacy for a start). And now, in the current climate, when social distancing and uncertainty are the dominant pressures on us all, how do we step up and enhance candidate experience for the future talent joining our businesses?

Nicola Sullivan, Solutions Director at Meet & Engage, will be joined by John Owen, Early Careers Talent Attraction Manager at RBS and Rowena Bach, Talent Strategy Director at PeopleScout, who’ll be sharing their expertise on the challenges currently faced by future talent acquisition professionals and their candidates.

  • We’ll be looking at the research recently carried out by PeopleScout which drills down into the elements of candidate experience that really matter.
  • We’ll be hearing how a large employer of future talent – RBS – are adapting and enhancing their process.
  • We’ll be sharing the best practice we’re seeing in the market right now.

The session will be a must for those moving quickly to ensure a positive and sustainable experience for their early talent pipelines in 2020.




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