Interactive and engaging online focus groups

What is Meet & Engage for Research?

Meet & Engage can be used as an online qualitative research platform for research agencies and creative businesses.

Our platform gives you the opportunity to create an interactive and engaging online focus group. You can invite participants to join using a mobile, tablet or desktop letting you bring people together quickly and easily to gather valuable insight. 

Creating a tailored experience

You can tailor the platform to reflect your brand (yours or your clients) and provide participants with a truly immersive experience.

The platform is simple to use and easy for participants to navigate. Pre-load your focus group guide and share stimulus in a variety of formats, including video, copy, product designs and presentations.

Invite your clients to be part of the session with a secure back channel to the moderator, enabling private agency / client conversation. Within the focus group, chat with participants as a group and create separate, private chats with individual participants if you want to.

Our private chat function allows your business to conduct depth interviews with individual participants for times when a group environment isn’t quite right.

Focus group tools

Whether you’re looking for feedback on a tone of voice or concept testing, our suite of research tools provide you with everything you need to collect valuable insight. After the session, review and edit the transcript which is automatically generated. Our platform has been designed to give you everything you need to tease out and document the most useful intelligence.

Getting set up

Contact us for a Meet & Engage demo and understand how to take your research online.  

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