Meet & Engage

Online Masterclass

How to Attract & Nurture Scarce Tech Talent

March 25th 2021      |      🇬🇧 16:00 GMT / 🇺🇸 11:00 EST    |     1 hour

The demand for tech talent has only grown during the pandemic, and with the most desirable tech employers pulling out all the stops to attract the best, how do you even start to compete?

In this session, we’ll look at how combining the use of virtual events and automated communications can help businesses create and maintain engagement with some of the most approached and highly sought after candidates in the market.

We’ll also shine a light on attracting diverse tech talent and reveal how some of our clients are expanding their reach and democratising their processes via the use of virtual engagement.

In summary, during this session we will explore:

  • How to create and maintain engagement with tech talent
  • The ways in which on-going engagement can help you build your employer brand in the tech talent space
  • How to utilise virtual engagement and automation to increase diversity in tech hiring