Seeing Is Believing: Live Streaming For Recruiters

In case you missed our news, we’ve recently added a live streaming option to our platform.

Video has long been a vital part of the employer brand. 

Today, the collision of advances in smartphone tech and data availability, combined with the increase in the proportion of our audience who are enthusiastic about social media makes this the ideal time to incorporate live streaming into your marketing mix.

“With live streaming, you’re guaranteed to capture the here and now; it’s always up-to-speed with the latest developments in your business and the people you feature will be the right ambassadors”


People want to see beyond the brand façade, learn more about your culture and connect with people already working or studying with you.


Live streaming isn’t just a brand-building tool


As our clients are already seeing from using real-time chat, live video can help to speed up your application process, improve the quality and quantity of the connections you make and drive the best candidate experience.

Another major advantage for recruitment is cost.

Of course, a professionally made video that captures your employer brand still has a place in recruitment, but audiences don’t expect the same level of polish on a live stream; you can capture a compelling stream on any decent phone.

What’s more, whereas branded video content can date quickly, with live streaming you’re guaranteed to capture the here and now; it’s always up-to-speed with the latest developments in your business and the people you feature will be the right ambassadors at the time of broadcast. Open window after window on what it’s like to work for you.


Potential applications for recruiters include:


  • Office tours – let your audience see beyond your reception area and interview rooms by taking them on a tour of your offices. People love this kind of intimacy; seeing where they’ll be working has been shown to be a real deal-maker, especially amongst younger audiences.
  • Discussing the details of the job description with a small pool of interested candidates, fielding individual questions in an intimate online group is one way to really get candidates better clued up on what to expect from the role they are applying for, alongside building a more personal connection with them.
  • Turn your best people into ambassadors for your brand. If one of your leaders is giving a keynote speech, stream it live. Open a round-table discussion on a hot industry topic to a wider audience. Or host live vlogs to demystify hard-to-fill roles or shed light on positive parts of your culture.
  • Harness the immediacy of live streaming to drive up applications. A live stream Open Event followed by a direct invitation to apply is so much more powerful than an email campaign that can get easily overlooked. Using live streaming, you’re connecting with audiences on their terms, and when they’re most receptive to your message.
  • Measure your return on investment. We’ve built data measurement tools into our live streaming tech so that you can dig beyond the basic measures.
  • It’s not just for recruitment. Our live streaming app can equally effectively be used for onboarding presentations and showing new starters the ropes before they join. It’s also the perfect medium for certain types of training or knowledge transfer, helping you to develop and retain your existing talent.

Take the plunge into video streaming – if it’s helping to drive up engagement and sales for consumer brands, think about the impact on your recruitment approach.

Why use us?


Find out more about our live streaming option by clicking here or get in touch to book a demo



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