The rise of chatbot solutions has transformed a simple information storage and retrieval system into a conversational experience across the world wide web. A website chatbot means the user doesn’t have to rely on human agents being available, or a websites’ navigation being sufficiently transparent to easily find relevant information.

But for every success story surrounding these nifty web bots, there’s often a disaster story too. So are these chatbots right for resourcing? How you can you decide which one may be a good fit?

We’ve compiled our thoughts and research into this short eBook, featuring notes from technologist Pip Wright, a case study type look at chatbot success in the industry and detail into the in’s and out’s of chatbots for resourcing.

In this eBook, you’ll find:

  • A look at AI and Automation – How are they different?
  • A break down of the latest technologies available
  • Success and Disaster – The best and the worst AI and Automation stories
  • How to implement a chatbot
  • A look to the future of resourcing
  • A handy checklist to help you decide if chatbot technology is right for you.

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