Why Recruiters Should Be Using Net Promotor Score

  If you’re a little unsure as to what Net Promotor Score (NPS) is, have a read through our other blog post first, What is Net Promotor Score and How Can It Be Used By Recruiters?, and then come back! All done? Good. So you know what NPS is, and you’ve probably been thinking about whether you should be using NPS for your recruitment efforts. I’ll cut to the chase – yes you should! But don’t just take my word for it. Here are 6 reasons why recruiters should be using Net Promotor Score.  

1. It’s Easy For Candidates To Respond

A Net Promotor survey typically requires just one or two questions, keeping the burden on the candidate low, and uses the simple 0-10 scale. It’s a single number that can be tracked week by week or month by month allowing employers to quickly see if they are improving their candidate experience, or not.  

2. It Can Be Used How You Want

The Net Promotor survey can be conducted by email, phone or web – whichever generates the best response results and most useful data meaning that you’re not just tied to one method of getting results.  

3. It’s Quick and Simple

Net Promotor Score results can be easily compiled and updated at the touch of a button allowing candidate feedback to be reviewed and actioned immediately.  

4. It Can Be Used By Anyone

Quick follow-up Recruiters and line managers can follow up with candidates who have given a negative score to identify the candidate’s concerns and fix any problems wherever possible. Senior managers can also use the NPS results and candidate comments to inform decisions about process changes to the recruitment model.  

5. Increase Revenue!

After analysing their 2014 Rejected Candidate Survey Results, Virgin Media found that many rejected candidates were existing customers. It lead to 6% disconnecting their services with Virgin Media within a month of rejection as a direct consequence of the bad candidate experience they had received. Virgin Media estimated this was around 7,500 customers over the course of the year and the total revenue loss to the business was £4.4 Million. If they had measured their NPS to continuously improve their candidate experience, rejected candidates who were not existing customers would instead have the chance of becoming one, turning a huge loss into a hefty profit.  

6. The Ability To Improve

Being able to measure performance is the first step to improving it, and so recruiters who are unsure of their candidate experience are less likely to be able to develop and grow positively. Using NPS as a candidate Experience measuring tool is the perfect way to find what works and what doesn’t to really engage with candidates.   I won’t sugar-coat it, NPS won’t explain why some candidates are loyal to your brand, and others aren’t. That’s a different mystery that will always be in constant flux. But NPS will provide you will a solid piece of data to measure your candidate experience and act as much-needed benchmark from which to grow. We’ve implemented NPS into the Meet & Engage engagement platform so that moderators can gather an NPS from their sessions and measure their candidate experience. Candidates receive an email inviting them to rate their experience 10 minutes after a chat ends and clicking on the link will prompt them to rate their experience using the Net Promoter survey. But it doesn’t have to be activated for every chat session, all the time. So we have a simple switch allowing you to decide what sessions have the NPS functionality activated and which ones don’t. Want to see an example? Have a read of our other blog post, How Citrix Used Net Promotor Score to Improve Their Candidate Experience – a mini case study on how measured and boosted their Net Promotor Score.



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