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Join Conor Gilmore and Kathy Johnson from Meet & Engage as we explore simple and effective strategies to activate your employer brand and bring the candidate experience to life.

Meet & Engage will be joined by employer brand expert Jacqueline Carow from ThirtyThree US, a full-service employer branding and employee experience consultancy that helps build brands from the inside out.

This action-packed webinar is designed for talent acquisition professionals and employer brand managers that want to succeed in 2019 and beyond. We’ll be discussing:

  • What are the key challenges and trends that will impact the TA market in 2020?
  • How are leading employers amplifying their employer brand?
  • What practical strategies can businesses use to drive a more effective and positive candidate experience?
  • How can organizations use technology to reach and engage with diverse communities?

The session will run for 45 minutes, including time for Q&A with our speakers at the end.




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