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Using Live Chat Messaging to Challenge Misconceptions


Graduates are crucial to driving npower’s future and it needed to recruit 50 graduates across 8 different schemes. In order to attract and engage top talent, the Entry Level recruitment team were keen to drive a great candidate experience but needed to keep down resource and time spent. Considering the target audience as graduates, the resourcing team needed a solution that felt natural to them and offered easily accessible information as part of the application process seamlessly. The team also understood it was vital to differentiate as an employer and wanted to convey this through npower’s unique company culture.


With challenges in mind, npower implemented Meet & Engage Live Group Chats as a digital solution. During the attraction stage, the resourcing team and current graduate employees co-hosted a series of live messaging group chats for prospective candidates. By connecting current talent to future talent, candidates gained real insight into the day-to-day roles, culture and the projects they could expect to be involved in. In addition to educating cohorts of graduates simultaneously, the live group messaging events offered prospective candidates an insight into the company culture including supporting Children in Need, accessibility of Directors in the business and the role of renewable fuels in the energy mix.

The platform works well for us on multiple levels but particularly as it allows us to invite the appropriate business sponsors to join the chat sessions along with current graduates on the scheme to give their first-hand experience of the application process and the programme itself.
Becky McVittie
Graduate Recruitment Manager

The Result

  • Boost awareness of the available roles and opportunities
  • Co-hosting chats with existing employees provided an authentic vision of life at npower
  • Answered queries from candidates and alleviated any concerns
  • Supported candidates through tricky parts of their application
  • Helped highlight candidates with a genuine interest in working for npower
  • Saved time and resource by interacting with multiple candidates in a single sitting.

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