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Using live chat messaging for senior hires recruitment


With an aim to provide experiences that move, teach and inspire every visitor, the National Trust set out to double its curators from 36 to 65 full-time staff over two years. To achieve this, the Trust needed to recruit a new board-level Director of Curation and Experience. In addition to hiring for a senior role, it also posed the challenge of recruiting for niche skills. In order for the National Trust to find the right talent, it needed a solution that allowed for engagement with a targeted audience with the right skills and also something that would work well for busy candidates.


The National Trust recruitment team set out a solution that involved an innovative social media campaign and the implementation of Meet & Engage Live Group Chat. Prospective candidates identified using social media, were invited to a live group messaging Q&A chat hosted using the Meet & Engage Platform. Group chats were customised to align with the Trust’s brand, and many were hosted by the Director General of the National Trust giving participants a unique opportunity to get a deeper insight into her curatorial vision.

We all thought it worthwhile, easy to use and enjoyable.
Lorraine Robertson
Executive Assistant to Director General

The Result

  • Winner of recruitment awards for the campaign
  • Engaged multiple candidates simultaneously without masses of time expenditure
  • Enhanced candidate experience digitally
  • Connected the current team with candidates to offer authentic insight into the company
  • Increased awareness of the opportunity.

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