– Felicity Lawrence, Senior International Office, University of Leicester 

We traditionally did ‘call outs’ to our prospective students but the feedback we received was that this would often make them worried or nervous about why they were being called. We would also often get through to parents or agents. Similarly, when we used email we would get high bounce rates with wrong email addresses having been provided or the email would end up in their junk folders. We knew that our international audience would often be more confident in writing than talking but when emails did get through, they found this a very slow experience and they’d often not fully understand the replies or get the information they needed straight away. The 121 chats allow prospective students to ask us multiple questions and get the answers they want there and then. We have found that they are also more open in their questions to us.

We communicate the chats via email and promote them heavily on our Facebook pages. The most common queries we get are around scholarships and accommodation but, in fact, they are mostly about the practicalities of studying abroad and what life will be like when they get here. We are able to provide them with answers to allay their concerns.

Even if we aren’t the right people to answer the query, the fact we’re able to redirect them to the right place and do so in an efficient and helpful manner means our student engagement is really positive and goes a long way to helping with conversion.

It’s also definitely developed our understanding of each other’s roles as it’s a really educational tool for us too. You always come away from the chats knowing a bit more than you did before as you’re having to find the answers for people who are asking a really diverse set of questions. It’s helping us to inform our communications which is hugely beneficial.



What Our Clients Say

Using Meet & Engage has allowed us to open up our services so they are far more accessible to all our students and alumni. The fact someone can log on and quickly ask the team a question without the need to book an appointment is hugely beneficial.

Michelle Everitt

Acting Head of Careers