– Joanne Lee, UK Recruitment Lead, Capco

“We decided to use Meet & Engage as we were looking for a way to not only engage with candidates going through our process, but to help build our brand in some niche skillset areas. As a consulting business we are competing with some big names for the best talent, and although we know our career offering is comparable, we needed a way to get this message out to a, mostly passive, audience.

Using Meet & Engage has given us the ability to involve key people from our business in our recruitment activities, which has helped bring both the business culture and the work we do to life. By building peer connections, we are creating a buzz about Capco and in turn developing a pipeline of prospective future candidates.

Candidates who are active in our pipeline have fed back that they appreciate being given the opportunity to connect with the recruitment team in a relaxed and highly accessible way, and we have definitely noticed an improvement in the quality of candidate progressing through the pipeline and their preparedness at each stage.”




A great way of keeping engaged with the candidates throughout the long recruitment process. It also allowed us to engage with the candidates about the schemes and share information that was valuable to them. It’s been an excellent tool.

Michelle McDonald

Entry Level Recruitment Manager


What Our Clients Say

We’ve found people are more comfortable expressing themselves on live chat, much more so than they are by phone, and as a result they ask all manner of questions.

Natasha Cresswell

Admissions & Enquiries Manager