Creating authentic connections for offered students was a key aim for the marketing team at City, University of London. They wanted to be able to provide easy-to-access sessions for their would-be students to find out more about their course and life at the university. But rather than have these hosted solely by their marketing teams, they wanted their current students and faculty members to get involved too.

They created a series of course specific chat events and invited all those offered applicants to attend their relevant course chat. They then also scheduled more generalist chats on topics such as ‘accommodation’ and ‘activities outside of studying’ for potential students to get a broader picture of life as a student at City. All chats were hosted by a marketing team member but with the support of student ambassadors, course leaders and student services officers where appropriate.

The questions asked during these chats, particularly the ones aimed at the current students, highlighted the importance of having such a mix in moderators, and provided a truly authentic picture to those would-be students.

I particularly loved the location of my accommodation as there was a local supermarket near for shopping, a diner open all hours of the night and many places to go shopping. The reception staff are really friendly, and always on hand to answer any queries (even in the night).

Katherine Knight, UK Marketing and Recruitment Officer at City, University of London told us:

Having these chats has made a real difference to our applicants. We have had so many students say that these chats have helped them find out more about the university and their course and help clarified questions they had. One of the best successes for me has been that our own staff and students have commented how easy it is to use as well – our academic staff have felt that this has been a great way to engage with our applicants and build relationships particularly with those who may live too far away to attend an on-campus event.