How the NSPCC Increased Engagement and Reduced Renege Rates

The NSPCC, a children protection charity in the UK and Channel Islands recruits a team of dedicated volunteers who take up vital roles within the organisation. Due to the nature of the charity, it needed an effective solution to maintain engagement throughout the recruitment process during lengthy safety checks.

The NSPCC implemented the Meet & Engage live chat messaging platform to host group chats during the recruitment and onboarding process with a goal to reduce renege rates, keep candidates warm and educate candidates around their available roles.

Download the case study below to find out more about how NSPCC achieved a large reduction in candidate renege rates post offer and provided a highly positive candidate experience using digital candidate experience technology.







The 121 chats allow prospective students to ask us multiple questions and get the answers they want there and then. We have found that they are also more open in their questions to us.

Felicity Lawrence

Senior International Office


What Our Clients Say

Using Meet & Engage has allowed us to open up our services so they are far more accessible to all our students and alumni. The fact someone can log on and quickly ask the team a question without the need to book an appointment is hugely beneficial.

Michelle Everitt

Acting Head of Careers