– Becky McVittie, Group Graduate Recruitment Manager, nPower

Meet & Engage is a fantastic platform.

The chat system is so easy to use which means it’s really simple to conduct a chat with potential candidates whilst sat at home or in the office.

In a recent chat, one of our participants even complimented how good the system is and said that more companies should be using it! It provides a genuine engaging experience for candidates and can be utilised as a keep warm tool as well as a sales/brand awareness tool.

We’re really excited to continue using the technology for future chats and hopefully make some hires from it as well.



What Our Clients Say

Using Meet & Engage has allowed us to open up our services so they are far more accessible to all our students and alumni. The fact someone can log on and quickly ask the team a question without the need to book an appointment is hugely beneficial.

Michelle Everitt

Acting Head of Careers