Niche Role Engagement Case Study

When you are looking to recruit for a particularly niche role, does live chat still have a part to play?

It did so for National Trust (who incidentally picked up numerous awards for this campaign) when they needed to recruit their Director of Curation & Experience. They had identified and targeting their audience via social media but what do you do with them then? Invite them to a group chat with the Director General of the National Trust of course.

This case study will cover:

  • Using live chat to engage specialist experienced hire roles
  • Providing an authentic and personal approach to the often formulaic recruitment process
  • Incorporating live chat as part of an innovative social media campaign



What Our Clients Say

We’ve found people are more comfortable expressing themselves on live chat, much more so than they are by phone, and as a result they ask all manner of questions.

Natasha Cresswell

Admissions & Enquiries Manager