Fidelity offer an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all their employees, and although they value hard work, they don’t believe this should be at the expense of well-being.  They carry this ethos through their recruitment processes and work to ensure all their early careers candidates receive the highest level of support to enable them to give their best performance at key recruitment stages.

Fidelity introduced on-line pre-assessment centre group sessions, targeted at their different Graduate and Intern schemes. During the sessions participants were able to ask the questions which really mattered to them and receive advice and guidance from the people they’d be meeting on the day.

Aside from questions related directly to the assessment day, candidates were keen to learn more about what the people they were talking to loved most about working for Fidelity and what traits Fidelity employees typically possess. There was also plenty of technical discussion around how an aging population will affect the need to employ more Asset Managers and questions about investment philosophies, which is of vital importance to those looking to work for an organisation whose values match their own:

In actual fact having a range of approaches is something we consider to be important. If you were to ask what ‘philosophy’ 10 of our analysts follow, you’d get a number of differing responses. Needless to say there are standard ways that we collate and present data and to some extent that dictates the way we work, but ultimately we don’t promote a single philosophy as a USP.



What Our Clients Say

The chat opened up a new communication channel for our candidates with thousands of unique users, a contributing factor to improved Team Responsiveness ratings in our candidate experience surveys.

Joe Mongon

Virgin Media Operations Manager, TMP