Deutsche Bank wanted the expand their attraction activity to educate and engage with students in a new way which could help to promote them as a business that embraces technology and innovation.

Deutsche Bank also wanted to let students know that they don’t need to be studying a degree in finance to be considered for a role with Deutsche Bank. Instead, the brand wanted to make it clear that in their candidates, they look for people who can apply themselves and perform across a variety of disciplines. In addition, Deutsche Bank wanted to promote the breadth of opportunities available and firmly position themselves as an organization with a diverse people culture.

80% of candidates said they’d take one job over another based on the connections formed during the recruitment process – Mattersight 2016

Deutsche Bank ran a series of live online events, marketing the sessions as a unique opportunity to gain direct access to the Deutsche Bank recruiters and team, who were available to provide guidance and insight on how to successfully secure a role.

These themed sessions ranged from how to be successful during the recruitment process to demystifying investment banking culture. Deutsche Bank have been proactive about breaking down barriers around job culture and opportunities available alongside creating a great candidate experience through the use of technology. Deutsche Bank have given chat participants unprecedented access to their team and have excited candidates about the prospect of a career at Deutsche Bank.

I’ve already applied for a program. This chat only solidified my interest in Deutsche Bank!


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A great way of keeping engaged with the candidates throughout the long recruitment process. It also allowed us to engage with the candidates about the schemes and share information that was valuable to them. It’s been an excellent tool.

Michelle McDonald

Entry Level Recruitment Manager



The chat system is so easy to use which means it’s really simple to conduct a chat with potential candidates whilst sat at home or in the office. It provides a genuine engaging experience for candidates...

Becky McVittie

Group Graduate Recruitment Manager