A Parent’s View on Degree Apprenticeships


Capgemini UK, in partnership with Higher Education institutions, is a leading provider of Degree Apprenticeships. They understand that whilst the broad range of alternative post-18 options are increasingly being considered by school leavers, the traditional degree route is very often favoured by influencers such as parents, teachers and careers advisers. Degree Apprenticeships are still relative newcomers on the block, and many people are either wary that this route is the poor relation of the traditional degree, or potentially have a limited understanding of how the programmes work and the benefits this route can bring to the right candidate.

The recruitment team was keen to use Meet & Engage Live Chat to host an online forum, to make it easy for parents and teachers to bring their questions about Degree Apprenticeships more generally, and Capgemini’s programme in particular. The chat was scheduled for National Apprenticeships Week 2019 and was promoted as A Parent’s View on Degree Apprenticeships. To bring the chat to life and present an objective view, a guest from UCAS (the body who oversees applications to universities) and a parent of someone currently undertaking a Degree Apprenticeship with Capgemini were invited to help host the chat, contribute content and answer questions.

During the chat, the parent-guest shared a video recording of his thoughts about his daughter pursuing a Degree Apprenticeship and explained how positively he viewed this route, especially as he sees how his daughter is thriving and how well this model works for her. The UCAS rep shared a short presentation showing how the introduction of Degree Apprenticeships has impacted the post-18 landscape and highlighting the ways that UCAS has embraced this development.


Using group chat meant that we were able to reach some of the influencers who don’t usually have the opportunity to engage directly with Capgemini when the young people in their care are making career decisions. We were able to dispel some myths, influence people’s thinking and now have some really useful content to share in other contexts.

– Dan Doherty, Attraction and Recruitment Manager – Graduates and Apprentices


As well as supporting the guest moderators to answer the questions which flowed into the chat, the Capgemini recruitment team was able to share some compelling additional content in the form of videos and infographics. These helped to illustrate what was on offer and to punctuate the chat with useful content for the audience to take on board.  The audience was made up of teachers and parents and so what followed was a focused and helpful Q&A session, with questions about the structure of the apprenticeship and the kind of support available, as well as practical questions about starting salaries and social life as an apprentice. Lots of interesting information was shared and the audience fully engaged with the discussion.

As the chat is text-based, a transcript was available to the recruitment team once the event had finished, to further engage attendees and to send to those who had shown an interest and perhaps registered but not been able to attend. The transcript also offers great content to inform the recruitment team – to re-purpose in further group chats and as digital content. The post-chat Net Promotor Score survey sent out to participants showed that the audience had found it invaluable, achieving 100% positive feedback. One comment read: “Very informative and useful. I’ve changed my mind about Apprenticeships (in a good way) thanks to your session!”


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Engaging with 63 people in just a couple of hours, at the same time as enhancing the candidate experience, was an excellent use of recruitment team time!

Stephanie Bishop

Head of Graduate and Apprentice Recruitment and Programmes


What Our Clients Say

The chat opened up a new communication channel for our candidates with thousands of unique users, a contributing factor to improved Team Responsiveness ratings in our candidate experience surveys.

Joe Mongon

Virgin Media Operations Manager, TMP