Experienced Hire Case Study

With innovation being a key strategy for business and technology consultancy, Capco, it was obvious they needed to look at how they could introduce new tech to their recruitment processes.

Capco wanted to provide a personal, high-touch process to their candidates which demonstrated their values and culture and kept candidate engagement high.

By also introducing group chats with the aim of pushing their employer branding message rather than having a pure recruitment focus, they were able to build their talent pools to boot.

This case study will cover:

  • How you can position yourself as a thought leader within your industry to help engage with a passive candidate audience
  • Introducing chats during the often lengthy onboarding period for experienced hires
  • How chat participant feedback was exceptionally high



What Our Clients Say

By integrating the Meet and Engage platform with our CRM system we can tailor the student journey linking in chat at critical stages.

Rob Harding

Head of Marketing Communications

What Our Clients Say

The chat opened up a new communication channel for our candidates with thousands of unique users, a contributing factor to improved Team Responsiveness ratings in our candidate experience surveys.

Joe Mongon

Virgin Media Operations Manager, TMP